The epiStoa-community

  • is a group of people with an educational background in Latin or Ancient Greek.

  • is free: there are no registration fees, nor are there any other charges

  • has the same general goals as the epiStoa cooperative, but pursue them differently:
    every community member contributes to the profession statistics project by indicating his or her Latin/Greek background; any further involvement with other projects or activities
    is totally voluntary.

  • is managed by the epiStoa cooperative.

  • You can join the epiStoa-community here.

  • Its members
    - have their origins in a number of different countries
    - strive
    to foster the European Values and promote the Ancient Languages
    but are not involved in the epiStoa cooperative.

epiStoa-community versus epiStoa cooperative. What's the difference?

The major difference between the epiStoa-community and the epiStoa cooperative is that community members have no official and no financial involvement whatsoever in the cooperative.
This does not exclude that community members can switch and become epiStoa members when they decide to get involved with an epiStoa project.