Here is a preliminary table of the community's members' professions or occupations.

Teaching and Research:
High School teacher         Middle School teacher            Teacher            Tutor
University professor           University lecturer                     Researcher      University tutor

PhD candidate                    Student
Sciences and applied sciences:
Physicist                    IT expert/engineer          Physician         
Psychologist             Archaeologist                  Architect
Notary                         Lawyer                               Labor Law Consultant

Entrepreneur              Manager               Credit Manager              Bank officer              Certified Accountant                                        

Publishing sector:
Journalist                  Editor                       Writer     
Bookseller                 PR Consultant
Interpreter                 Translator                          

Arts School:
Museum Curator       Art Historian

Theol. Faculties/Universities:
Theologist                   Priest

The first emerging - albeit not yet representative - results indicate

- that there are many teachers, university professors and students among the community members (more than 20 %), which is not surprising since they cover many subjects and disciplines,

- that the profession spectrum is rather broad and

- that the single professions occur with comparable frequencies.

However, with the epiStoa community growing, more professions may come up and the resulting frequency data for each profession will become increasingly stable.

As soon as the profession spectrum will not significantly change with increasing numbers of participants, the complete profession spectrum will be published, including the relative frequency of every profession.