Motivation for the epiStoa initiative:

Latin and Greek are no doubt at the heart of most modern European languages and of the terminology of all sciences and humanities. 

Last but not least, Ancient Greece and Rome gave rise to Europe's history of ideas, which led to our modern democracies, rule-of-law constitutions, and the European Court of Human Rights - a unique institution worldwide.

Despite all these achievements and a general appreciation of Europe's roots, the instruction of the Ancient Languages has been suffering a gradual rundown over many decades.

This is alarming since it not only hampers the proper comprehension of words and concepts, it also jeopardizes the fruitful fusion of tradition and knowledge with creativity and innovation.

Cancelling the ancient languages from scholastic programmes corresponds to sawing the branch we are sitting on.

The epiStoa initiative thrives to stop the decay of classics studies, and to promote the Ancient Languages as well as the history of European Values up to their present form as given in Art. 2 of the Lisbon Treaty.