The epiStoa-community is currently running the following projects (your participation is highly appreciated!):

1. Instruction of the Ancient Languages in the various EU countries.

In case you can provide information on how Latin and Greek are taught in your country, please contact us at
The goal of this project is to create a EU-wide survey.

2. Empirical profession/occupation survey

What kind of professions and occupations do people with a Classical Language background carry out throughout their life ?

Does Latin and/or Greek favour the access to some professions and occupations while limiting the access to others?

Preliminary results regard the kind of professions and occupations in the epiStoa community.

3. Students' Community

Students (Gymnasium, Liceo classico, etc) or university students are particularly welcome to join the epiStoa-community.They have a number of advantages through epiStoa and its community. Please have a look here.