Membership Information

There are two ways of being connected to epiStoa

The epiStoa community members
   share the general idea and the aims of epiStoa but they don't want to get involved into any specific activities.
   Joining the epiStoa community is free. There are no fees and members have no obligations, and there are
   some advantages of membership.
   Joining the community can be the first step if you wish to support epiStoa but don't know how to get involved precisely.
   It is also the common way of how pupils and students join epiStoa. 
   Here is how you can enter  the community.

Members of the epiStoa association
   contribute to epiStoa's activities or projects and
   have some background in Latin or Greek.
   If you consider joining the epiStoa association, please visit the membership page of the epiStoa website