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256 Polish and Hungarian Mayors opposing Orbán and Kaczynski

Polish and Hungarian Mayors write a letter to the president of the EU commission

Rule of Law Report of the European Commission

The Rule of Law Report is a new preventive tool and part of the new annual European Rule of Law Mechanism.

The report can be found here:
(in all European languages)

The aim of the report is to look at key developments across the EU – positive and negative – as well as the specific situation in each Member State. The aim of the report is to identify possible problems in relation to the rule of law as early as possible, as well as best practices. It is not a sanctioning mechanism. Areas covered by the report include: justice systems, the anti-corruption framework, media pluralism and freedom, and other institutional issues linked to checks and balances. The Rule of Law Report consists of a general report and 27 country chapters presenting the Member State-specific assessment.

CORONA FALSE ALARM? Numbers, data and background

The Proportionalists' Point Of View

K. Reiss (Univ. Kiel, Germany) and S. Bhakdi (Univ. Mainz, Germany ) answer the question whether or not the partial suspension of basic rights, unprecedented since 1949, during the corona pandemia was necessary.
Original title: CORONA FEHLALARM? Zahlen, Daten, Hintergründe. Goldegg Verlag, Wien, Berlin. 2020.

The authors mainly treat the situation in Germany, including numerous comparisons to other countries.

As the basic rights are at the heart of the European Values and as the authors' evaluation is not in the present main stream of the media, we here present a review on the book. 

Read review (in German);  download PDF version of the review in German.

Read review (in Italian);  download PDF version of the review in Italian.

Please feel free to hand in comments, objections, or additions to, especially if you consider certain aspects insufficiently treated by Reiss and Bhakdi (e.g. legal issues, ethics, measure commensurability, ...).

Either the above texts will be changed accordingly or your contribution will be added here.

- Commentary on the commensurability of the anti-corona measures taken (German) (Italian) (French)

- Commentary on the meaning of numbers of infections (German)

- Commentary on ethical issues in corona times (Greek) (English) (Italian)

- Commentary on the five problems of "corona numbers" (German) (English)

Amnesty International: the fight against COVID-19 and human rights

Digital surveillance to fight COVID-19 can only be justified if it respects human rights

On the Future of the World

"Zhao Tingyang ist einer der einflussreichsten zeitgenössischen Philosophen Chinas."
The Washington Post 27.11.2018

JÜRGEN OSTERHAMMEL (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) reviews

Zhao Tingyang: "Alles unter dem Himmel". Vergangenheit und Zukunft der Weltordnung.

Human Rights Watch 2019 Report

Human rights violations as documented in the 2019 Human Rights Watch report:

The pages on China (pp. 135-149) are particularly alarming.

L'etica spiegata a mio figlio: nuova edizione del "De Officiis" (28 Nov 2019)

Sulla nuova editione del De Officiis di Cicerone, a cura di Giusto Picone e Rosa Rita Marches (Einaudi, 2019),

e' uscita una recenzione di Alessandro Banda zu DoppioZero:  L'etica spiegata a mio figlio:

Human Rights and Human Future: Development of Standards

Temma Ehrenfeld on Epicureanism today and the pursuit of happiness

Europarat/Consiglio d'Europa/European Council: No to right-wing populist faction

Il Consiglio d'Europa boccia la formazione di una frazione populista di destra:

Der Europarat lehnt die Bildung einer rechtspopulistischen Fraktion ab:

The Council of Europe declines the formation of a populist right-wing faction

(DIE ZEIT, in German)

I partiti della destra populista non avranno un proprio gruppo nel Consiglio d'Europa. Il Consiglio d'Europa è stato fondato per proteggere la democrazia, non per distruggerla.

Rechtspopulistische Parteien werden im Europarat keine eigene Fraktion bekommen. Der Europarat sei gegründet worden, um die Demokratie zu schützen und nicht zu zerstören.

Populist right-wing parties will not have a faction in the Council of Europe since the Council of Europe has been founded to protect democracy, not to destroy it.

epiStoa: Latin and Ancient Greek as European Cultural Heritage

The promotion of Latin and Ancient Greek through epiStoa has been accepted as a European Cultural Heritage project:

Le latin et le grec séduisent encore