CORONA FALSE ALARM? Numbers, data and background

The Proportionalists' Point Of View

K. Reiss (Univ. Kiel, Germany) and S. Bhakdi (Univ. Mainz, Germany ) answer the question whether or not the partial suspension of basic rights, unprecedented since 1949, during the corona pandemia was necessary.
Original title: CORONA FEHLALARM? Zahlen, Daten, Hintergründe. Goldegg Verlag, Wien, Berlin. 2020.

The authors mainly treat the situation in Germany, including numerous comparisons to other countries.

As the basic rights are at the heart of the European Values and as the authors' evaluation is not in the present main stream of the media, we here present a review on the book. 

Read review (in German);  download PDF version of the review in German.

Read review (in Italian);  download PDF version of the review in Italian.

Please feel free to hand in comments, objections, or additions to, especially if you consider certain aspects insufficiently treated by Reiss and Bhakdi (e.g. legal issues, ethics, measure commensurability, ...).

Either the above texts will be changed accordingly or your contribution will be added here.

- Commentary on the commensurability of the anti-corona measures taken (German) (Italian) (French)

- Commentary on the meaning of numbers of infections (German)

- Commentary on ethical issues in corona times (Greek) (English) (Italian)

- Commentary on the five problems of "corona numbers" (German) (English)